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Saturday, July 27, 2013

""If you see something suspicious, report it""

This has also made us less safe. I for one will not be reporting activities that seem nefarious to authorities anymore since this can be used against a "white hispanic" like myself. I am down to help in a shit hit the fan situation, but don't ask anymore of this of me anymore!!!

The world is a dangerous place

"List of Stupid Things More Dangerous"

Had to send this one to Weerd

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mmmmm.... Glockamolle

Because Dems hate minorities

Well he is smarter than us, so...

Glad I DIY


Stand your ground, Uncle explains Holder

Who started it???

What does the bible say about fornicators???


Damn crackers always get away

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I believe its called "coercion"

Watching the Zimmerman trial

I know that most of us are "gun nuts" and know the law about self defense and when you can legally use deadly force and I can guess that some readers of this blog or other pro 2A blogs have taken MAG40, LFI or trained at Thunder Ranch etc. and have learned what to say after a legal self defense shooting and I have noticed that the prosecution in the Zimmerman case are using that knowledge against him. Pretty scary when think about it, especially after watching what seems to be a kangaroo court.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

He isn't a president

Makes sense

Also hiring lower IQ officers makes it easier for them to control them so that they will blindly carry out "orders" for our "safety". Remember that these are public employees and the hiring needs to be "fair" or that smart people are smart enough to get out of the law enforcement business???
Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops:

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And David Gregory still walks free....

Armed March on DC Organizer, Adam Kokesh, Arrested | InTheCapital:

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

GTFO of Massachusetts

"View From The Porch: Cradle and Grave of Liberty, Part Deux..."

Monday, July 1, 2013

But they say that they don't want to take away our guns...

Seems a little foo foo, but may work

Bug Salve: How to Make a DEET-Free Bug Repellent Balm:

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I am sorry, but UN soldiers have no authority over me!!!

Where Is the Proof that UN Soldiers are Actively Operating on American Soil? Oh, Right Here... | The Daily Sheeple:

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I took a tech Holiday!!!

  I went camping for a few days, had to do it, I needed the vacation. But this was more than a vacation for me, I had a chance to do something I haven't done in 25 maybe 30 years before life started to take over, not that life is bad, I was just reminded that I have to take time for the important things like fishing with my old man.

  You see I grew up in desert, in Las Vegas to be exact and was born on the Arizona, Kali and Mexican border on this side of course in Yuma. Growing up my weekends were spent either on the lake, out in the desert hunting, out camping on the race track or around the house cutting wood and doing yard work or working on my '65 El Camino or my '57 Chevy. The important thing about these events is that they always included my dad. Once we took a week long kayak trip Lake Mead bringing only meager supplies and lots of beer. It was 9 years till I would be old enough to drink, but I discovered how good a Budweiser could be good for breakfast and we stayed up all night catching catfish cooking strips of steak and beans over an open fire. Some weekends we would load up the car and or truck and the we would go spend the weekend at Willow Beach on the AZ side of the Colorado river.

  So for the first time in years we embarked on a journey to catch some catfish on the John Day River since neither one of us had tried to catch any catfish in Oregon. Living in the Willamette Valley I have grown accustomed to catching trout, salmon and stealhead for the last 20 years and forgot how much fun it can be. You can only fish for those fish during the day, you have to have a special stamp and it's a lot of work and can get expensive real quick. You gotta get up early in the morning at the but crack of dawn and fight for your place on the bank in what we call commando fishing or fight your way in your boat to find a spot in checker board of boats on the river. Don't get me wrong, it's fun and exciting and real blast, but staying up all night with some beer, a good vaporizer and a good book (click the link, I can't put this book down) when the old man finally falls asleep. You know you got one on the line when the fish pulls the rod from out of you lap.

  Our adventure started off by driving over Mt. Hood, with this great view out of the pick up truck window in the way up.
Then we got to the spot called LePage park, luckily pops had his senior pass so the campground only ran us $15 for the 3 nights!!! This is a view from the docks...

Here is a view from the campground...

After fishing got a little slow we decided that the next day we would fish off of the John Day Dam, which is a great place to get snagged...

So we took off for greener pastures...

And found this 7 miles down stream and the old man was the first to catch a good sized channel cat. Great view though!!!

What the pics can't do is allow you to hear all of the bull frogs going crazy or that along with bull frogs come bugs!!! Lots of bugs!!!!

Even with the windmills in the view, I tried not put a downer on trip while I lamented about all of the extra tax dollars and subsidies that these windmills suck up...
Played with some of the setting of my HTC ONE camera...

Then we got a great view of Mt. Hood on the way back...

On the way back we stopped off at The Dalles Museum which has an excellent Lewis and Clark exhibit and I found this, read the description and then click then scroll down to see the pic. As good as that would have worked, you may as well shove it up your ass....

Then we headed back over the mountain.

Didn't take any pictures of the fish since it was dark and then we ate them and let me tell you that catfish and bacon grease is an excellent combination!!! Looks like we have an annual trip on our hands, so who is coming with next year???

How to Purify Muddy Water

How to Purify Muddy Water:

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WikiLeaks Volunteer Was a Paid Informant for the FBI

WikiLeaks Volunteer Was a Paid Informant for the FBI | Threat Level |

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Who needs when you have Endo

The NSA Song:

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Think I am gonna slip away from Google and Microsoft

Washington Post releases four new slides from NSA's Prism presentation | World news |

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He didn't answer the fucking question!!!