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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I agree with Bill Post on this one

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

But how does this work in a union controlled place like NJ????

Immigrants Are Important for Disaster Reconstruction | Cato @ Liberty: "There is no economic silver lining to a disaster, despite what The New York Times thinks, but fortunately there is a mobile workforce capable of responding to natural disasters to aid in reconstruction. After dealing with the Tuscaloosa reconstruction, McNelly said that he prefers Hispanic immigrants workers. “It’s not the pay rate. It’s the fact that they work harder than anyone. It’s the work ethic,” he said."

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Capital flight

AUTO BAILOUT BOMBSHELL: Fiat Says Chrysler, Jeep Production May Move to Italy | National Legal and Policy Center: "So, let's be real clear here, we are talking about vehicles that will be built in Italy and exported to America. The evidence is clear that Fiat is looking at ways to move production of vehicles from the US to elsewhere, whether it be China or Italy, costing American jobs. This is becoming indisputable, despite outcries from certain parties to the contrary."

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Facebook Censors Navy SEALS to Protect Obama on Benghazi-Gate

Facebook Censors Navy SEALS to Protect Obama on Benghazi-Gate: "Over the weekend, Facebook took down a message by the Special Operations Speaks PAC (SOS) which highlighted the fact that Obama denied backup to the forces being overrun in Benghazi."

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Monday, October 29, 2012

FEMA is a waste

Bug out bag ideas

Well not exactly bug out bag ideas, but things to put in your bag, because lets face it, the chance of you fishing for your food if you try to bug out of LA or NYC or any other metropolitan area. So here is an emergency tin put together from a guy from LA. (click pic for link)

Or when you are on the go and you have to eat and you have to cook here is cool little mess kit that is easy to assemble. (Click pic for link)

The only difference is that I would include the CRKT Eat'N ZTool. (click pic for link)

Now getting your own food is up to you...

I could list everything, but you might as well just go here...

More Benghazigate « Freedom Is Just Another Word…:

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Where Mcdonalds french fries come from

That's why we need a candidate that will make the hard decisions.

The Canadian Model for Fiscal Reform | Cato @ Liberty: "Crowley discusses the reasons the success happened, from bipartisan (actually multipartisan) agreement to rallying public support. He promises six reasons, but lists only five. Maybe that’s part of the cutbacks. It’s an inspiring story: if Canada could cut federal spending from 22 percent of GDP to 15 percent, why can’t we?"

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snoop lion

I am sure we all heard Snoop Doggs reason for voting for Obama, but these guys have it right. (Bad pun intended)
Watch "Blacks For Romney" on YouTube

It's called slavery and the democrats love it.

You see it in Bloomberg's soda ban, but it's much worse than that. Democrats live to be in control and really don't want to take responsibility when their policies fail their constituents. Check out this article with video from Brietbart. They know that they have been failed by the democrats.

"Over the past few weeks we have begun to see the ultimate unraveling of support for the president, with women and youth fleeing from his side. But what is even more surprising and perhaps unimaginable to the president and his faithful media cult is that he is now also losing members of his normally deemed  base of support ;poor, inner-city black Americans."

You can only lie to the people so long till they get wise to your shenanigans.


Tam brings the snark and explains why republicans are their worst enemies
View From The Porch: Fool me three-hundred-fifty times, shame on me...

Gubbmit motors


Friday, October 26, 2012



China doing what the Obama campaign couldn't do

First they come for the climate scientist

Impeach him now!!!

"In short, it seems President Obama has been engaged in gun-walking on a massive scale. The effect has been to equip America’s enemies to wage jihad not only against regimes it once claimed were our friends, but inevitably against us and our That would explain his administration’s desperate and now failing bid to mislead the voters through the serial deflections of Benghazigate." Read the rest here: allies as well.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's time to let him go

What's even funnier is that the leftist blogs have already taken this out of context.
Scott Adams Blog: Firing Offense 10/17/2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012

This should piss you off

"Now we discover we had drone surveillance of the attack as it happened and did nothing. Maybe we were concerned about innocent civilians protesting a video getting hurt"
Report: Unmanned Drone Observed Benghazi Terror Attack, Did Nothing: “They stood and they watched and our people died” | Jammie Wearing Fools

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Teach your wives and daughters to defend themselves!!!

Mr Colion Noir » It Can’t Happen To me and If It Does Oh Well…: "Yes, there are some circumstances you can’t do anything about, but there are so many other circumstances that will allow you to fend for yourself. Don’t subject your loved ones to the grief of losing you or dealing with something happening to you when you could have done something about it"

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

That's because it's not really "free trade"

Judy Morris Report - Real News for Real People: Free Trade Agreements Create Monopolies, Protectionism and Corporatism: "A Mexican telecom mogul who holds the title of world’s richest man, and one of President Obama’s top donors are both getting even richer from the U.S. government program that supplies so-called “Obamaphones” to the poor."

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Wastebook 2012!!!

Take some time to read abut yachts that we pay for etc... Won't waste your time telling about it. Just read it and don't keep any flamable materials close by. You may get so heated you might explode...

Everything You Need To Know About the War on Drugs | The Agitator

No need for text, just this:

Everything You Need To Know About the War on Drugs | The Agitator:

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Think Mitt will call him out on this tonight???

Obama: ‘We Got Back Every Dime’ of Bailout; CBO: Bailout Will Lose $24 Billion | "“We got back every dime we used to rescue the financial system, but we also passed a historic law to end taxpayer-funded Wall Street bailouts for good,” Obama said in Miami Thursday."

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This is how the debate should be done.

You notice that "Obama" didn't mention his record???

What's the most annoying sound in the world???

It's the Long Range Accoustical Device or LRAD. Used by jackbooted thugs to control crowds and pirates etc... Here is it being used in at the G20 summit in 2009

and the thing that should piss us all off is that now they are going to be shipped to every major city.
LRAD Sonic Weapons To Be Deployed “Throughout” America For Crises | Global Unrest:
They are worried about something, otherwise they wouldn't feel the need to arm themselves like this against citizens....
HT to Wirecutter
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Who is this Justin Charters Kid anyways???

I don't know, but I think he's local and has some talent. Why don't these guys ever make it America's Got Talent???

From the country formerly known as "Great"

Sad thing is it's not necessarily the state that is the nanny here, it's the publisher separating itself from it's customer. Not sure if I would purchase something from these guys knowing on how they stand on rights. You would think they would fight to regain the rights they have lost and who did they bow down to??? Animal rights activists who forget the bacon is tasty and cows taste good.
No shooting magazines for sale to under-14s | This is Cornwall:

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UN Arms Trade Treaty Lives

UN Arms Trade Treaty Lives:"

"Each State Party shall take all appropriate legislative and administrative measures necessary to implement the provisions of this Treaty and designate competent national authorities in order to have an effective, transparent and predictable national control system regulating the transfer of conventional arms."

That's what the "news" media means when they say the treaty is dead."

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Time: Candy Crowley's 'Moderator Role Under Scrutiny – Before the Debate' |

Like I said, its gonna be like watching an WNBA game. It will be interesting to see who wins this debate if it's Mittens, Obummer or Candy the moderator....
Time: Candy Crowley's 'Moderator Role Under Scrutiny – Before the Debate' | "Sources say both campaigns are preparing their candidates for the debate under the assumption that Crowley might play a bigger role than either they or the Commission want or envision. At the same time, some officials familiar with the deliberations of the campaigns say they hope that by publicizing the expectations for what the moderator should do in the town hall session, and making public the language in the MOU, Crowley will be less likely to overstep their interpretation of her role. One key source Sunday afternoon expressed confidence that, despite Crowley’s remarks on CNN, the moderator would perform on Tuesday night according to the rules agreed to by the two campaigns."
But now I can't get this song out of my head....

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Some great carry and survival gear

From Balloon Goes Up, not just a blog anymore
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What the Frack!!! You are using plastic pipe!!!

This is complete with fair wings and dinosaur costumes and filled with irony. Gotta thank Daylight Disinfectant for this one. It's priceless and I bet they all beat themselves on the steering wheel of their Prius or Prii or what ever the plural of Prius is....

It be like watching a WNBA game.

You know with smaller balls and wider hoops and fans cheering for their team because they are just like them....
"They aren't permitted to ask each other questions, propose pledges to each other, or walk outside a "predesignated area." And for the town-hall-style debate tomorrow night, the audience members posing questions aren't allowed to ask follow-ups (their mics will be cut off as soon as they get their questions out). Nor will moderator Candy Crowley."[]

Sunday, October 14, 2012

We're #1!!!

In spreading sperm and democracy around the world...
Do Countries Import Sperm? - mobile wiseGEEK

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Biden's smile

You know that million dollars that Bill Maher gave Obama and then Obama proceeded to go out and spend it all on weed just before the last debate, well Biden just had to much of the electric Kool Aide that he and his boss have been trying to make us drink. It was laughable, like watching a drunk, almost entertaining, but you hope the drunk will regret his actions in the morning.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Test post

Just trying out bloggerdroid

Oh shit....

Are you sure they didn't just open their mouths and this is what came out???  So who left a Giant manure pile dumped at local Democratic headquarters in Ohio - Daily News???

What you do instead of doing something

The democrats in Chicago want to put a "violence" tax on firearms and ammunition to pay for gun shot "victims" who are admitted to the hospital. Wasn't Obamatax supposed to pay for that?!?!?
Today in Violence Prevention: The Chicago Violence Tax and Inner-City Farming - The 312 - October 2012 - Chicago

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Big Bird doesn't want to be used by Obama

"They alleged Obama's use of Big Bird against Romney proved the president couldn't fight the Republican standard-bearer on big issues and so was resorting to the trivial. "
Sesame Workshop To Obama Campaign: Leave Big Bird Out Of It : It's All Politics : NPR:

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Wasn't the Wildwood weeds, was it......

And the Wildwood weed were only daisies....

H/T: Say Uncle

Isn't this ironic???

Most citizens in the Star Wars series are illiterate, but then they use the characters to sponsor this.

Maybe he thinks cruise ships run on coal???

I have a customer that's a ship builder, well actually yachts and big ones too!!! Cruise ships are quite a bit bigger and use a lot of labor to produce and to shackle an industry like this which has the best of both worlds from manufacturing jobs to service and labor jobs is simply insane. Here is an open letter from Stephanie Gallagher from World City America and an open letter she wrote to President Obama. It's sad how this administration would turn up it's nose and a "sound plan that wouldn't cost the taxpayers any money"

Is this why it's hard for people to take Republicans seriously???

That lens better be bullet proof...

From Gizmodo:

The Army Finally Put a GIANT LASER CANNON on a Truck:

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No knock raids need to be stopped!!!

You notice that he basically said that this never happens. But the SFGate was smart enough not to say that:
Police apologize for drug raid at wrong Utah home - SFGate: ""I saw them going through the door, crashing through the door," he recalled. "There were guns and flashlights going everywhere, (and police) telling them: 'Get down. Get down. Get down.'""
 Just think how scary it was for a poor 76 year old lady who now has to get her own lawyer to tell the cops that she wants to left alone. But how often does this happen??? Well the CATO institute was kind enough to build a map to show how wide spread the problem is.

A police officer is basically a citizen, so maybe if they punished as citizens and had some personal responsibility we could put an end to this senseless violence???
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"Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither"

Doug Ross @ Journal: ACLU: Bush administration quadrupled warrantless wiretaps. Just kidding. It was Obama and Holder.: "..The reports show a dramatic increase in the use of ... surveillance tools, which are used to gather information about telephone, email, and other Internet communications. The revelations underscore the importance of regulating and overseeing the government’s surveillance power. "

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I am not an expert on copyright law, but this doesn't seem right

Don't get me started on how if we actually made things in this country that this wouldn't even be an issue or how  a lot of student loan money goes to text books printed overseas, but most importantly is that this is bullshit and will never be upheld.
Your right to resell your own stuff is in peril - Jennifer Waters's Consumer Confidential - MarketWatch:

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Collaborate and listen???
In the name of love???
Hammer time???
No its Stop!!! because we are the TSA and we told you to, not that they have to power to do that, but they want you to stop!!!
Bizarre TSA ‘Freeze’ Security Drill Caught on Camera | No Silence Here:

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Because it would suck to survive a disaster only to die from infection

This is also how the left buys votes as well

I smell a rat

"The government — via people like Obama — used laws to force banks to make a bad decisions, and then reacted in horror when those banks began to stumble. Obama's ideas almost destroyed America, and now he's claiming he's the lone candidate who can save us from that same destruction. This is insanity."
Bombshell: Obama Created Subprime Loans As Lawyer | Washington Times Communities

The left is picking up on the 3rd party debate idea as well

Kenny is always right it seems

If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding, how can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat

Prepping and communication

" In 2009, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department deployed an LRAD against people going to a town hall meeting."
LRAD Sonic Weapons To Be Deployed “Throughout” America For Crises | Global Unrest

We should have cut their aid years ago

Those slimey snakes in the grass

Who need books when you have an R2 unit

Going green seems like a good way to waste money... Taxpayers money

“How many more government funded ‘green’ programs have to fail before the taxpayers demand this type of wasteful spending stops” asked Kropf. “They’ve spent 40% of their tax dollars and they have reached only one tenth of one percent of their main goal”
Corvallis gets Porker Award for Climate Showcase failure

Because Homeboy sights have a purpose

Because these now have a purpose, but I still won't advocate them. Even after reading this. The Reason Why Gangsters Shoot Their Guns Sideways

Monty Python and a Chris Matthews meltdown

OMFG!!! These people vote

Stupid greedy 1%

The Gormogons: Math: What the President Does Not Get
"During the debate, President Obama crowed that he did not raise taxes on 97% of small business owners. Mitt Romney explained to him, to the President’s obvious discomfort, that the 3% who suffered the tax hike actually are responsible for 50% of all small business employees. Fact-checked, and true."

A Yankee travels to a free state.

And he calls it Bizarro World. Have a good trip Jay, I think today is the day he donates his stash to locks of love as well...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Doctors, Romans, Countrymen.... Grow me an ear!!!

Hopkins Doctors Grow New Ear On Woman’s Arm « CBS Baltimore: "BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Johns Hopkins doctors are once again making history–this time by using a woman’s own tissue to build her a new ear.

Derek Valcourt explains with doctors’ help, her own body has replaced what an aggressive form of cancer took away.

You don’t have to tell Sherrie Walters her story sounds like science fiction.

“No, I feel like an experiment,” Walters said."

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This better than the Obama free phone lady!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

For those of you to lazy to draw it up yourselves

Filson and Rohrbacher | AtFAB: "AtFAB is a series of furniture objects that can be cut by a CNC router, laser cutter or water jet from any off-the-shelf sheet material. We didn't design AtFAB as the most perfect furniture, but rather designed it to be perfect for the most. You can fabricate AtFAB locally at hackerspaces or DIY storefronts like TechShop or you can find an independent fabricator through online networks like to do the work for you. Once your pieces are cut, they are easy to assemble into a finished object with simple hardware. Click below to learn more about the designs, download and see what's planned next for customizing AtFAB furniture. You can find the full story on our blog and you can sign up to receive AtFAB news and updates."

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Isn't beer just sunshine mixed with water??? "Goodbrews is a website that's great for beer exploration. Use it to keep track of which beers you like, which beers you don't like, and what beers you're going to (and what beers you should) try next! Using is really easy"

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PolitiFact Weighs in on Obama and Sequestration | Cato @ Liberty:"I don’t blame the AIA (or the unions, for that matter) for peddling scary tales in order to reverse legislation that might cut into its members’ profits. That is, after all, what these companies pay the AIA to do: lobby the federal government to spend more taxpayer dollars on their clients/members. I do fault Mitt Romney and others for falling victim to this ploy—and therefore reducing the likelihood that overall government spending will ever come down, as it should.
In a perfect world, politicians would be fighting with one another over who gets credit for cutting federal spending and reducing the burden of debt that we are piling onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. They should certainly stop trying to portray such cuts as massive or draconian, because they are anything but the sort (and PolitiFact might call them on that as well)."
HT to Irish
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Costco would would replace it no questions asked....

Knuckledraggin My Life Away: Oh well, another one ruined.:

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This seems easier than storing a bunch of propane

Here we have a great little stove for cooking, boiling water or frying bacon!!!

Root Simple: A Rocket Stove Made From a Five Gallon Metal Bucket:

And then here is a something special for the preppers out there....

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How's that drug war working???

"An email with the subject "Re: From MX1 -- 2" sent Monday, April 19, 2010, to Stratfor vice president of intelligence Fred Burton says:
I think the US sent a signal that could be construed as follows:
"To the [Juárez] and Sinaloa cartels: Thank you for providing our market with drugs over the years. We are now concerned about your perpetration of violence, and would like to see you stop that. In this regard, please know that Sinaloa is bigger and better than [the Juárez cartel]. Also note that [Ciudad Juárez] is very important to us, as is the whole border. In this light, please talk amongst yourselves and lets all get back to business. Again, we recognize that Sinaloa is bigger and better, so either [the Juárez cartel] gets in line or we will mess you up."
In sum, I have a gut feeling that the US agencies tried to send a signal telling the cartels to negotiate themselves. They unilaterally declared a winner, and this is unprecedented, and deserves analysis.

Read more:

Which would shows a double edged sword that the Obama regime has used against us as citizens to take away our gun rights and to keep the flow if drugs in the United States. Which has been a bloody battle as seen here in a UniVision report shown here:

So where do we go from here??? We learn from the Cato Institute that "It seems pretty clear by now that Calderón acknowledges drug legalization is the only sensible alternative to the mayhem in his country, which has cost the lives of almost 60,000 people in the last 6 years. In his final speech to the UN General Assembly, Calderón once again encouraged the United States to explore all the alternatives, “including the market alternatives,” to deal with drug consumption."

Yep that's right, Calderón is taking the advise of good old Milton Friedman and when you think of it, just imagine all of the money and lives we will save because what we do now is not working period!!!

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The Single-Issue Libertarian Case for Romney and I am guilty of being a single issue voter

The sad thing is that there is only one reason to vote for Romney or to say that this is the man I am choosing to be president, out of all of the other candidates like Buddy Roemer or Gary Johnson we are stuck with this one issue where we have to choose between Obummer and Romney who just happens to be the lesser of two evils, but we all know what we get when we vote for evil now don't we. It is broken down here:
The Volokh Conspiracy » Ted Frank: The Single-Issue Libertarian Case for Romney: "One can point to individual unhappy results from Republican-appointed justices, but it is a mathematical certainty that Obama-appointed justices will flip the Court on these critical issues of the rights of individuals against the government—none more critical than First Amendment protection for political speech. Once that falls, the game is over and libertarians have lost permanently. This alone is a dispositive libertarian case for Romney, even before one gets to the difference between a Romney and Obama on economic freedom and regulation."

Do you think we could buy some buy some time by voting for Mittens??? Some think so and I am starting to agree.

HT Sebastian 
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Col. Jeff Cooper USMC gave us the four rules as follows:

  • All guns are always loaded. Even if they are not, treat them as if they are.
  • Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy. (For those who insist that this particular gun is unloaded, see Rule 1.)
  • Keep your finger off the trigger till your sights are on the target. This is the Golden Rule. Its violation is directly responsible for about 60 percent of inadvertent discharges.
  • Identify your target, and what is behind it. Never shoot at anything that you have not positively identified.   
    You can even check out the Wikipedia page in Gun Safety and search for the word water or shooting over water or into water and you will find nothing, but if you look on the back of your newly bought cartrige box you will fin explicit instructions to not fire into or over a body of water. 
     From the local news station we learn of a guy as the story says: "A sheriff's report says the man told deputies he fired a shot into the Deschutes River on Sunday afternoon but the bullet ricocheted off a rock and hit him in the temple. When he scratched the spot with his finger, he says the bullet fell out of his head and into the river." We what was behind this guys target was a rock. I don't know how many times I have been shooting along the canals in Yuma, AZ or in my back yard into the pond when I lived in the woods, so this gives us all something to think about and and if you don't think its real or predictable, here is an example of how predictable a ricochet could be:

    Happy and safe shooting everybody!!!!
  • Schools going full Wookie

    As Sayuncle says it: Citizen or subject
    Growth of bureaucracy may reduce our children to subjects | A Complementary Angle with Rich Hailey:

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    Monday, October 1, 2012

    You can almost see the saran wrap

    Whatever happened to the promise of putting everything on C-SPAN??? Maybe Dirty Harry was right, but the chair only seemed empty because he is just that transparent. And if you don't like to read, Irish has a couple easy videos for you to watch: The Feral Irishman: Words Matter.....Watch This and Share It..:

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    That's why he is not running on that platform in 2012

    The DNC was a win for Obama, but a loss for civil liberties - Opinion - Al Jazeera English: "For eight years under George W Bush, Democrats excoriated the former President and his administration for their brazen dismissal of many basic constitutional rights, and for much of Bush's second term, it was often Barack Obama who was leading the charge. Instead, Obama has re-enforced many of them, and in the 2012 Democratic platform, most of the party's previous positions were erased all together."

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    Uh Ohh!!!

    I seriously gotta rethink my head wear!!!

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    Don't as don't tell, I don't think you would have to on this show...

    Gay Army – Fierce, Fabulous, And Feminine:

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    The big take over!!!

    "To understand how extensive this is, the Western Center for Journalism published a list of “Obama’s Worst Executive Orders” asserting that some 900 Obama executive orders had been initiated when in fact Obama has signed 139. However, added to active EOs from previous administrations, the Center is correct in its fears that he is "creating a martial law ‘Disney Land’ of control covering everything imaginable.”  And then the list follows...

    But then I learn from Guffaw that the actual number is only 135 which by itself is a pretty big number, plus he has a pretty good take on it.

    I tell my liberal friends to vote for Jill Stein

    I figure a vote for Jill is just another vote not going to Obama, make sure you tell to look at their liberal polls because those show that Obama already has enough of the vote, so they really wouldn't be throwing their votes away. The rest haven't seem to figure out that the lesser of two evils is still evil.....
    Not Happy with the Two Front Runners? Pick from the remaining Field… « Guffaw in AZ:

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    First they came for the smokers...

    Rep. Mitch Greenlick wants to criminalize cigarettes | The Oregon Catalyst:

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    What happens when you try to pay in silver dimes???

    Why is it so important that they know where we are going??? What is it that is so important that they have to track all of our purchaces??? Scary stuff from Wirecutter....

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    Now this is just backwards

    Some days you eat the pig and some days the pig eats you.... 

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