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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Been busy

Haven't had much of a chance to put up some content and by the time I clear my stared Google Reader articles, it's to late and it all seems irrelevant at the time.

Part of what has been keeping me busy is work, business has been decent, had some big orders to fill, now I just need to save for December and January, the slow periods. I am sure that I benefiting off of some gubbment program to fill some need at a school to cut a pizza into equal slices because pizza is now considered a vegetable (the people who made that decision should look in the mirror if they want to see a vegetable).

One of the benefits of filling big orders and working long days and nights is the opportunity to catch up on pod-casts and audio books. I am a Star Wars geek, I miss my X-Wing fighter and all of the other toys I had back in the day, so I downloaded the Thrawn Trilogy from Audible and it's awesome. So then I went through the X-Wing series which was good and now I am finishing up the Correlian Trilogy which better have a good ending. I am almost getting tired of the Rebels always wining, it seems to make the story predictable. The Were Alive season finale is coming up and I find Mishonne from the Walking Dead a lot like CJ in Were Alive. Then you have the pro-freedom podcasts like all of your gun rights and shooting podcasts like Liberty Or Zombie Podcast (great show, they just need to come out with a show more often, but they just got their FFL so they have obviously been busy), The Road Gunner Podcast is my second favorite podcast (I don't know who my first fave is, but he asked to be my second so I have obliged) great show to learn how to cook in your truck with some prepping, politics and guns thrown in, The Gun Dudes who say that their show has 3 segments, but I count 4, but they are the Gun Dudes and have trouble memorizing state abbreviations (which is funny because they work for UPS) much less counting, The Urban Shooter staring Rev. Kenn Blanchard who even though I am a militant/agnostic (means I don't know and you don't know either) I would consider him my pastor and I always feel good after listening to his show, Dan Carlin's Common Sense and Dan Carlin's Hardcore History which are two great shows that have strong point of view and may change yours and being a fan of hstory listening to another fan of history tell the tale can easily kill 3 hours of boredom and the Squirrel Report (It's better than thinking).

Shot a Steel Challenge match last weekend, need to do some work to my .22 so I can improve my skills and  save a couple bucks. More on that later, bought some stabby things and I am looking to do some reloading, brew some beer and move in with the MBWITW, so I have some stuff coming up. Busy is good, I will be back here to boost my ego here a little later....