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Saturday, May 11, 2013

We all have a dog in this fight!!!

This pushes Cody Wilson into a corner where only specialized lawyers dare to tread and what I believe is a petty, though effective, attempt to slow the wheels of the machine that trys to expand and keep our freedoms. This machine can't be stopped since you will notice that these files are already on the torrent and warez sites, but now I fear that the statist will use this as an excuse to destroy more of the freedoms that we enjoy. People in some of the countries affected by itar are already making arms out of commonly found household I items and they may try to destroy our freedoms because of it. For example they may try to make it illegal to buy a case of nails if you aren't a contractor, or pipe if you are not a licenced plumber etc... We need to shout out loud and clear that we will not be sacrificing our liberty for security!!!

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