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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Single-Issue Libertarian Case for Romney and I am guilty of being a single issue voter

The sad thing is that there is only one reason to vote for Romney or to say that this is the man I am choosing to be president, out of all of the other candidates like Buddy Roemer or Gary Johnson we are stuck with this one issue where we have to choose between Obummer and Romney who just happens to be the lesser of two evils, but we all know what we get when we vote for evil now don't we. It is broken down here:
The Volokh Conspiracy » Ted Frank: The Single-Issue Libertarian Case for Romney: "One can point to individual unhappy results from Republican-appointed justices, but it is a mathematical certainty that Obama-appointed justices will flip the Court on these critical issues of the rights of individuals against the government—none more critical than First Amendment protection for political speech. Once that falls, the game is over and libertarians have lost permanently. This alone is a dispositive libertarian case for Romney, even before one gets to the difference between a Romney and Obama on economic freedom and regulation."

Do you think we could buy some buy some time by voting for Mittens??? Some think so and I am starting to agree.

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