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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

No knock raids need to be stopped!!!

You notice that he basically said that this never happens. But the SFGate was smart enough not to say that:
Police apologize for drug raid at wrong Utah home - SFGate: ""I saw them going through the door, crashing through the door," he recalled. "There were guns and flashlights going everywhere, (and police) telling them: 'Get down. Get down. Get down.'""
 Just think how scary it was for a poor 76 year old lady who now has to get her own lawyer to tell the cops that she wants to left alone. But how often does this happen??? Well the CATO institute was kind enough to build a map to show how wide spread the problem is.

A police officer is basically a citizen, so maybe if they punished as citizens and had some personal responsibility we could put an end to this senseless violence???
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