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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Legal rifle confiscated which was bought legally

A couple questions about this story. Didn't they sell some Uzi's with a short barrel that was unusable, but just for looks and the long barrel was the only one that worked??? How does he get 'Unlawful Posssesion Of a Firearm'??? I mean that if it is the weapon in the picture, unless he has paid the tax stamp, the barrel should be welded on or he maybe he didn't have the legal barrel attached, but the feds would still get him for having the short barrel even if it wasn't attached since it has shoulder stock because it could be constructed as such. He probably bought the weapon legally (means no criminal history so he is more than likely a law abiding citizen) and didn't know about the SBR tax/law or chose to ignore it. Regardless by law he had a SBR and probably didn't know better and with gun laws being racist and him being a minority I just hope he had enough sense to keep his mouth shut and hire a a good lawyer because this can get expensive.
Portland Police Arrest Man in Possession of an Uzi in Northeast Portland:

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