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Thursday, January 17, 2013

See the idiots we have to deal with in Oregon!!!

Here's the article:
Turner resident and gun owner supports ban on assault rifles | Statesman Journal |
Here is my response:

“I’m completely behind him. I was very impressed,” Devlin said of Obama’s gun-control plan. “I’m just very concerned about the number of deaths we have today, especially with assault rifles.” ( Will somebody please tell this woman that there have been more people murdered by hammers than "assault rifles" in this country!!!)

“I do have a problem with assault rifles. They were designed for the military. Now, any fool can go out and buy an assault rifle in a parking lot.” (Where is this magical parking lot where people are buying military "assault rifles"??? Last time I checked to buy a military designed "assault rifle" which are fully automatic you need at least $13,000 dollars for the cheapest one you can find and a huge tax and 6 to 9 month waiting period for the paperwork to go through on top of an approval from your local sheriff. She knows to many things that aren't true)

"Obama’s plan is a good start, Devlin said. She backs requiring background checks for all gun buyers, banning assault weapons and outlawing high-capacity ammunition magazines." (how would any of his 23 EO's prevent a tragedy like Sandy Hook happening again???)

“There’s still going to be gun violence,” she said. “It’s like the speed limit. It doesn’t prevent accidents, but it keeps them from getting worse.” (why not try enforcing laws that we already have on the books like locking up David Gregory or better yet why not put the bitch in jail how did the straw purchase for the Columbine killers, because speed limits don't keep people from speeding, but hefty fines and insurance hikes do!!!)

“The AR-15 that the Sandy Hook Elementary shooter used was a .223-caliber Bushmaster rifle that fires up to six bullets per second,” she wrote recently. “This is the same type of rifle that Republicans raffled off at the Oregon State Fair.” (The AR-15 was never used in the Sandy Hook murders and just like in Virgina Tech and Columbine the murderers used 10 round magazines and there were a but load of them littered at the crime scene and I have been shooting a long time and I cannot pull the trigger on an AR as fast as 6 rounds per second, she must be a trained killer to be able to do something like that!!! and I am still pissed I didn't win the Sig they raffled the year before!!!)

"Devlin has taken some flack for her stance on gun-control, she said. But she believes the issue is worth standing up for." (Of course she has taken some flack, her position is uneducated and racist (yes all gun control laws are racist, I am sure she is the same kind of racist who doesn't think that minorities shouldn't have to show ID to vote and shouldn't have weapons to defend themselves because they don't have ID.) She is a special kind of stupid)

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