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Friday, January 18, 2013

Some Ramblings

 Well that is democracy for you, these neo-cons are elected each year by a majority, and so are left wing extremists like Feinstein and Pelosi by a majority. I don't see a lot of religious influence in government no matter what the right or left says, or I don't pay attention to it or let it bother me for example I don't care if the 10 commandments are displayed or care which book they came from or that the fact that I don't need to live under Mosaic Law or Sharia law for that matter, but say " Ok, those aren't bad ideas, no big deal" I also don't expect to have a come to Jesus moment or feel that I am being proselytized to. From my conservative libertarian point of view, I agree with you, but I just don't see it, I don't see religion taking over our government. We still have abortion, gays can marry in some states, women can vote, minorities are considered equal and we still have our guns. These things vary from state to state, but that is beauty of living in a "democracy" which is actually a constitutional republic. I don't like being lumped in with a bunch of neo-cons who don't have the same views as me and complain that their is not enough God in gov't as much as you don't want to be lumped in with left wing terrorist like Bill Ayers or the Occupy crowd. My blog is called Satan is my Co-Plilot if that gives you any indication as to my feelings on neo-cons. My blog is a fairly firearm friendly blog and being part of the gun community and/or gun blog community you will see that we view the guy who went all crazy on YouTube is a douche bag, makes videos to sell his training course, but who don't hear from are the real experts who understand the leathality of firearms and the importance of firearm training and explain why you can't just go and shoot the guy who you caught breaking into your house to steal your TV unless he is a threat. Just like all liberals aren't the Obama phone lady the gun culture is not a bunch of let's storm the Whitehouse and take over, it doesn't work that way. We have had the discussion about guns for years now the anti's lost that fight. Now when we try to have the intelligent conversation about it I see politicians literally holding their hands over their ears or douche bags like Piers Morgan who calls anyone who doesn't agree with him stupid. We have been trying to have that intelligent conversation by showing ALL of the FACTS and statistics, even those that aren't in our favor, we have shown how more aren't needed, but enforcing the ones that we already have, we have pushed for stiffer penalties for those that break firearm laws, but they get plead down or Obama suppresses the evidence through executive privilege. As far as the proud domestic terrorist, most people at the beginning of the Obama administration were considered terrorist for believing in the constitution.

Now carry on....