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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Some will get the Doctor Who reference, but the point is that robotics don't kill jobs they create jobs. You see that these robots have to be built somewhere and buy somebody and we have learned from Battlestar Galactica that robots can't be trusted to build themselves, what are Asimov's laws of robotics again??? After installing my fair share of CNC machines in small shops, I noticed early on that I wasn't exactly liked because they saw the machine taking their jobs away, but when I show up a year later to look things over before they went out of warranty, those same employees would come to me and tell me how much the machine has helped them and some even got raises. The ones that got a pay raise learned a marketable skill and were compensated for it. Do don't fear robotics and don't let your kid get a liberal arts degree.
NYT: New Wave of Deft Robots Is Cha