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Thursday, August 23, 2012

I hate banks!!!

I hate banks, I really do and their greed goes from the top to the bottom let's start at the lowly consumer level, like when I go to cash a check from one of my customers and they always ask me to open an account and give me a $100 bucks and a water bottle with their banks logo on it and hold my 5 bucks hostage for the trouble to after you deposit your money and watch your money go to hedge funds that when or if they fail and they used your money you soon find out that you and your money are shit outta luck. I link to this post that shows that banks can legally take your money and lose it and not pay you a dime back, but have no problem selling off their assets to satisfy payment back to the federal reserve. Now lets say that you still like the convenience that banks provide and you are not sure what to do with your money so you sit on it for a little while, just keep it in an account for 5 years and let it accrue a pittance of interest well then you will probably end up going full wookie and become a Libertarian because then the local gov't will just come in and seize you money because you weren't doing anything with it and they have a whole bunch of plans and ideas for things they can buy with your money.