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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Obama, Romney or Johnson???

Don't get all excited I am not gonna run off and vote for Obama, I am not all butt hurt that the GOP driven RNC has decided to abandon the idea of true liberty and show that they are addicted to wars, socialism, entitlements, bailouts, fiat money etc... but like any addict will tell you admitting you have a problem is the first step. Maybe we need to come up with a 12 step program to get the GOP from sucking off the guberments teat. I am not thoroughly convinced that voting for Romney is the best thing for the party or Romney winning is the best thing for the party granted he is a fighter, but he will always do what's best for Romney which has not been hidden to the delegates to this years RNC convention.

Part of the reason why I am not running out to vote for Obama is that revolution is not over as was shown last Sunday before the convention Ron Paul's own convention that had quite a few attendees and as the The New York Times points out: "Mr. Paul said that he had recently read in newspapers that the so-called Ron Paul Revolution was over, and that whatever enthusiasm voters had shown toward his presidential campaign in the Republican primary season was gone. “They only wish!” Mr. Paul thundered to an audience that seemed to become more energized with his every word, their roars of approval reaching a deafening level inside the Sun Dome at the University of South Florida." and wish they did, but they did more than wish they changed the rules, they even allowed the their presumptive nominee to change the rules (he does have a lot of cash invested in this) and this is the same thing we get from Obama through his executive orders, so what can we expect from Mittens??? All we expect from a president (unless you have a religious or social agenda) is to keep us out of wars, grow the economy and keep taxes low. Judy Morris points out: "What does this say about the American people? It just might prove that the American people may in fact be the only folks in human history to have had liberty and consciously and willfully decided to vote away their liberty. " Of course she ends by endorsing Gary Johnson who of course points out the fact that both parties are just the same. The problem here is that Ron Paul has done more than the Libertarian Party has accomplished in 40 years. Just think of the change we can make if had more Republicans like Ron Paul???

But that's what it all comes down to is liberty and freedom and we are not the only ones to see it, just follow some tweets from some of the delegates. We may win the fight, even HuffPo thought we had a chance of getting the nomination, we may even make some concessions and win and lose some battles , but we can fight and take on the establishment and win the war on our liberty. 

Or do we vote for Obama??? Borepatch points out that this is the best way to keep us organized to actually make a change in the party. One good thing about Romney getting elected is that Liberal mainstream media hates Republicans and like Bush he will be one very scrutinized president and we may see some transparency because of that. So with that said I have 3 choices Obama, Romney and Gary Johnson.