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Friday, September 28, 2012

6 weeks and smoke free

I haven't had cigarette for 6 weeks and I am still coughing up crap with black specs in it. Now don't get all "way to go man!!!" just yet, I have only found another nicotine delivery system know as the E-cig. I get all of the hand to mouth habits that smokers need so much (kinda like the way I live), I can vape (e-cig users son't call it smoking we call it "vaping"), it only costs me a like a buck a day (compared to $4.79 for a pack of sweet tasting Camel Menthol Wides), I think that I may get more nicotine, the menthol "juice" I have tastes just like my beloved Camel Menthol Wides, but there is a whole plethora of flavors that I can have. You can look online yourself and make your own judgement as to if they are safe or not, but they have to be a lot safer than smoking and all of the crap that they put in "analog" (E-cig users call regular cigarettes "analogs") cigarettes. I never noticed how much smokers smell like smoke until the other day when I had to work next to a smoker. If you want to join in on the craze I suggest a store in Oregon called NW Vapors, they make their own juice and their products seem much higher quality than some of the other stuff I have seen around. If you are a serious smoker (1-2 packs a day) I STRONGLY suggest going with the KGO/EGO type battery with a CE4 cartomizer on the top and you will not be disappointed!!! I am actually using the 24mg juice right now, but just got some 18mg juice to slowly step down my nicotine dependence. We will see what happens when I have a few beers with the 18mg stuff, I have no problems wanting a smoke with the 24mg juice and I like to toss back a couple in the evenings on the weekends. So give it a try, it seems to have helped me out quite a bit.