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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Cheapest Generation - Atlantic Mobile

 When I was 16 I had my drivers license, I think I had it within the first week of turning 16, my son is 17 and has never driven a day in his life. I learned to drive when I was 14 had my first car before I turned 16 which was an AMC Concord that was hit by a drunk driver and I rebuilt it with the help of my dad (pretty sure he did all of the work) when my dad took me out to the desert and put me behind the wheel of '66 Ford flatbed with a V6 and posi you didn't need 4 wheel drive and learned that when I drove the truck in and out of the ditch with my puppy Pickles the Airedale flying around in the cab, it's also when I learned that when things look shitty to just step on the gas move forward and fight your way through it.

 Kids don't drive today, only one of my sons friends drive. They can't afford it with $100 to $200 phone bills coupled with the price of gas so kids today cannot experience the freedom that we once had as teenagers. Driving teaches responsibility which is something along with rights that are slowly taken away from the Gen Y'ers and we have nobody to blame but ourselves!!!
The Cheapest Generation - Atlantic Mobile:

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