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Thursday, September 6, 2012

MAKE | EMSL’s CNC Workstation Cart

I have been in the CNC industry for 20 years, I started out programming paper tape machines by hand writing g-code, then saw Windows 3.1 and MasterCAM make the scene and machines like the MultiCAM evolve from light duty sign making machines to what they are today that are heavy duty and awesome!!! But, one thing that I have seen overlooked when I have installed CNC machines is the computer and where it sat in conjunction with the controller. Hardrives, floppy drives, CD-ROM's and power supplies don't like dust and it's probably that dust will slowly kill them. There are solutions like with the MultiCAM you can have the computer in another room or building for that matter with some WiFi signal boosters, but machines like the ShopBot type machines you need the computer pretty close to the machine. While looking at this CNC workstation cart I see some potential to seal up the bottom, but cool it as well with plenty of storage for cutters and stuff. I know it's hard to tell, but I love it when my stuff is organized.
MAKE | EMSL’s CNC Workstation Cart:

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