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Monday, September 17, 2012

Call me Libertarian Extremist!!!!

I thought it was Constitution Day?!?!?!? So let's quote some framers of the Constitution like "those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither" And yes it was the republicans who passed it, they love perpetual war almost as much as the democrats do. Let's also not forget that every terrorist attack that has been stopped in this country has been perpetuated by the F.B.I., which means that these people who have been accused of domestic terrorism were pushed by the F.B.I. to do it, even Rolling Stone Magazine wrote an article about it and we know that Obama has already used a drone on an American citizen (a 16 year old kid none the less) to be assassinated, so don't think it couldn't happen to you!!!!
Ordered Liberty » The Tea Party Should Oppose Latest Terrorist Bill of Rights:

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